On your first day of class, you became part of the 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 community. Now, you are part of a worldwide 校友 Network!

You joined a diverse and inclusive network and you opened doors to a worldwide community of alumni.

作为校友, you have ongoing access to unique benefits, lifelong learning initiatives, 事件, and opportunities to volunteer your time and talents through 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 University. We commit to more than 30,000 alumni to provide value for a lifetime.

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As 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 alumni, you are many and diverse, yet you come together as one singular force in motion. Let your fellow 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 alumni and classmates know what you've been up to.




探索 ways to connect with alumni in your area and engage your 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 network. 



As a lifelong learner, use 澳门金沙线上赌博官网’s resources to grow professionally and personally.



提供你的 time and talents to make a difference with 澳门金沙线上赌博官网



Watch, listen to, or attend 事件 geared toward alumni.



更新 your contact information, share important life milestones, and check in with classmates.



discounts to services, discover your alumni benefits.



满足你的 校友 Association leadership and nominate fellow alumni for service.



校友 Relations team is ready to help you connect and engage.


Join in 事件 around the globe.

Whether engaging through Young 校友 事件, 志愿服务, 指导, and Lifelong Learning 事件, or attending signature 事件 such as 校友 Weekend or local 校友 Club 事件, there is something for everyone in every stage of life.



Celebrating our Tigers

Celebrate and lift up fellow alumni throughout the year with awards, 传统, and by coming together as a community. Our alumni are a force in motion and are always willing to share time and talents to their 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 network.

校友 Spotlights 校友奖


Your 校友 Volunteer Leaders

We asked alumni couple Geary '70 and Kay '72 Reamey a few questions to get to know them better.

As your 校友 Volunteer Leaders, the Reameys continue to work with alumni to keep them engaged with giving back to their alma mater. Learn more about the Reameys.

Meet 校友 Leadership

校友 headshot of Geary '70 and Kay '72 Reamey